Mission Statement and Values

My Mission:

Abstract Gamer Podcast will entertain and inform its listeners by providing honest and intelligent information regarding Abstract Strategy games.  I will strive to keep the show accessible to people who are new to abstract games, while giving enough detail that hard core players can get something useful and entertaining from it.

My Values:


  • My family is the most important part of my life.  I will not allow this podcast/blog to interfere with it.
  • Shut down the show if it takes me away from my family.  I do not intend to let this happen, so don’t worry that I’ll shut down soon.  😉


  • Never say something that I do not believe to be true


  • Release shows in a timely fashion
  • When a release date is announced, the show shall be released at that time or an explanation will be provided


  • As my budget allows, I will upgrade my recording equipment to ensure the highest quality production
  • Never release a show before it is ready


  • If I obtain review copies, I will disclose it in my review
  • I will not allow gifts to influence my reviews
  • I will not podcast a negative review of free review copies



The shows will last approximately 30 minutes and will typically be broken up into the following segments:

  • Intro
  • Generic topic of interest – ~10 minutes
  • Game Review – ~15 minutes
  • Feedback and ramblings – ~5 minutes
  • Outro

I will likely do promos for other shows to break up the segments.

Details in review:

Since the best abstracts tend to have simple rules, I intend to be thorough in providing rules for games, but I will not discuss corner cases unless they seem especially relevant.

Negative Reviews:

In the podcast, I will focus on games that I find to be good and satisfying, so there will not be reviews that are negative overall, however, I will discuss any details that I find lacking.  In the blog reviews, I will review games as I see them.  If I’m given a review copy, I will state that it was given as a review copy.  I will not post a negative review for review copies, neutral reviews are the worst it will get.  I will, instead, e-mail my review to the person who provided the review copy.  Unless they then ask me to publish the review, it will remain unpublished.


I intend to publish every 10-14 days during the regular season and post a written review or essay between shows.  The reviews between shows will be broader in topic than the podcast.  They will likely include CCGs, Euro Games, Dexterity games, Kids games, Card Games, War Games, and more.

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