About Abstract Gamer

My name is Joe Peterson and I play games. All types of games really, but my preference is to play Abstract Strategy Games. I’ve been listening to other gaming podcasts and no one really focuses on Abstract games, so I decided to create my own podcast about Abstract Strategy Games.

I expect to maintain an intermittent schedule. The first several shows should come out every 1-2 weeks. Things will slow down for a while, when I hit a busier time at work followed by the holidays. I expect to put out one show per 4-6 weeks for that 3 month period. By then I hope that I have found my voice and I’ll have a better feel for how often I will put out new shows.

As for the format, I expect it to be in three segments. The first will discuss a general concept related to games. For example, I will discuss handicapping, types of games, types of components, variants, etc. The second section will consist of a game review or, possibly, a strategy discussion. The third section will be time sensitive stuff, like announcements, tournament discussions, and feedback.

I’ll put out a review of the main games that I talk about during the shows. I’ll also attempt to put out one review between shows to keep people interested. 😉

I’m always open to constructive comments. Help me find my voice.



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