Upcoming Episodes

Howdy all,

My very next episode will be a new branch of the podcast called Learn to Play. I’ll teach you how to play Alien City. I have the prep work done and am in the process of doing both a flash (swf) and Quicktime movie (mov) of the episode to see which is better. That should come out later this week. The LtP webcast will go over rules to games and possibly include some strategic/tactical analysis of specific situations in the game. Alien City is complex enough that I’m only going to do a rules explanation in LtP#1.

The next audio podcast (Episode 6) will be a very brief essay on game components followed by two reviews- DVONN and ZERTZ. You still have time to influence the strategy sections. I have most of this episode recorded, but I’m still waffling on what to say about strategy. I’ll put that out as soon as I figure out the strategy stuff. No later than the middle of next week.

Episode 7 will be on Stonehenge and an interview with Mike Selinker. I’ve very excited about Stonehenge. I’m recording the interview on Friday and hope to release it 2 weeks after Episode 6 is released.

Episode 8 will finish up the GIPF series. I’m still wide open on the strategy for this. I have the review part done. If there is interest, and if the Learn to Play episode looks good, I’ll do a learn to play for the series. The rules episodes for those should be pretty quick.
Have fun!


One Response to “Upcoming Episodes”

  1. No later then the middle of next week… *laugh* Episode 6 is SO BORING. I’ve been through it several times trying to figure out why it’s so dry.

    I need to try again, I think. Maybe I’ll call a friend to talk about the games.

    I’ll put out the interview with Mike Selinker in the meantime.