Show 5 still being editted

Well, I’ve had a series of time consuming events occur, so I haven’t completed the editing of episode 5.  Today was my expected release date, but I’m not there yet and I don’t want to release a sub-standard show.  I’m hoping to be able to get three shows done in the next 4 weeks to help me get ahead.  However, we’re about to enter the three month period where I’m going to shift to a monthly schedule.  My plan is to release in a couple days and then, every two weeks for the next six weeks.  Then I’ll move to a monthly schedule for three months and then back to every two weeks.

 Well, back to editing.  Thanks for following the podcast!


3 Responses to “Show 5 still being editted”

  1. OK, so I decided that things got too busy so I’m doing a monthly release. Episode 5 will be released Friday. Then I’ll take a break from the Gipf series to talk about Tournament play and Cannon, then I’ll finish up the Gipf series.


  2. kdevine says:

    Podcasts can be hard to do every week or even every two weeks. Glad to see you aren’t giving up! I just listened to the Yinsh episode today (yes, I am behind on my podcast listening), and I appreciated the shout-out to my podcast.

    I hope to hear the next podcast this Friday.

  3. Yeah, you may have noticed, that didn’t happen. There were a TON of things that happened at the end of last year. This year has started off better, but Audacity keeps eating my recordings.

    I’ll give it one more go to see how it works. I have 4 shows scripted, so I hope to bang out a few in the next several days.